Kenyans Urged to Discard Selfish Leaders

Kenyans Urged to Discard Selfish Leaders
David Achieng addressing delegates

By Mary Owano

The Movement for Democracy and Growth(MDG) party leader, David Ochieng, has urged Kenyans to seize electing self-centered leaders but instead consider choosing those with voters' interests. 

David Ochieng, who doubles up as the Ugenya Member of Parliament, claimed that the country is in anguish due to corrupt leaders who put their interests first instead of pushing for development agendas.


While addressing MDG party delegates from the twelve sub-counties in Kakamega County, the party leader has called on all Kenyans to join efforts to ensure such leaders do not occupy any leadership role.

"We have come here as Kenyans to ensure that the dreams of our forefathers are fulfilled. Our dreams will not be achieved if we allow corrupt leaders to continue leading us. We all have to fight for a country that can accommodate everyone. The journey to make Kenya a free state has just begun, and it will start with anyone willing to let go of the comfort and engage so that we all can enjoy the fruits of our independence," he said


Close up photo delegates during the event

Moreover, Ochieng criticized the Kenya Kwanza government for deceiving Kenyans during the campaign period. He emphasized the need for a government that cares for its citizens.

"Elected leaders should serve the public and not steal from them. During the campaigns of the previous elections, you promised to raise the standards of Kenya to those of Singapore and Malaysia which you never did. Forgetting that for the developed countries to be where they are, they ensured that the most learned, competent people run their governments. We don't pick brokers, people who don't understand the law, those we don't know there backgrounds or even the schools they went to

rule us." he added.

He also revealed that he will vote against the Finance Bill 2024/2025 if it is not amended to prioritize the issues affecting Kenyans, including the high cost of living.

"I will not vote in a finance bill that will burden Kenyans. We must address the high cost of living, including the increased prices of essential commodities such as cooking oil," he assured the crowd.